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10 Rules of Success

What’s the greatest secret of success?  

Well, I’ll warn you now… You may not want to hear it. 

But after 20 years in the game, I’ll tell you…It’s vital if you want to win in life.  

Think of it like the Super Bowl.  

One team executes with precision, moves the ball, and scores.  

While the other team gets plagued by penalty after penalty and gets routed.  

What’s the difference? 

Talent? Extra practice? The team’s mindset? 

Sure. They’re all important, but there’s a simple key that winning teams have that others don’t……and if you deploy it into your own life, I’d be willing to put my money on you to win big. 

success rules 

Follow The Rules 

Following the rules is what took me from the mud to the marble.  

And these rules have been created after years of experience in the trenches of business and life success. 

Deploy them, and you could end up winning big.  

Ignore them, and you might be in for a long struggle in life. 

Let’s get into them…  

Rule #1: Show Up 

Ask yourself… Are you showing up?  

For your sales calls… at the office… for your family?   

You have to show up to give yourself a chance to win.  

So… Always Show Up! And make sure you do it on the days when you don’t feel like showing up.  

Rule #2: Live The 100% Philosophy  

Now that you’ve shown up, it’s time to go all-in at 100%.  

I’m talking 100% of yourself, your focus, and your energy is directed to what you’re doing. 

Be present and engaged with your client, with your kids, with your wife, etc. 

Think about it… Have you ever gone to dinner with someone who wasn’t really there? On their phone, looking around, or daydreaming?  

Not good. 

So, show up at 100% each and every day. 

Rule #3: Develop an attitude of Service – Give, Give, Give 

There are two types of people in the world. Givers and takers. 

 Which one are you?  

Developing an Attitude of Service means giving wholeheartedly…… going above and beyond what’s expected.  

So think about what areas of your life you could give more attention to and multiply your giving!  

 Rule #4: Focus on Your Dreams 

This is a critical and senior rule.  

Just think how different the world would be if everyone did this on a consistent basis. 

 If you ever see things going wrong…  

If you feel your focus sliding off track or your energy dragging…  

Then you’ve probably lost focus on your goals and dreams.  

So, write them down twice a day.  

Once in the morning and once in the evening. That way, you can make sure you’re always bringing your attention back to your goals. 

Rule #5: Exercise – Take Care of Your Energy Unit 

If you want insane amounts of energy during the day to crush your goals… 

…you’ve got to take care of your energy producer… Your body.  

And one of the best ways to do this is by consistent exercise. 

Just find what works best for you, get out there, and make it happen. 

You can thank me later when your energy skyrockets.  

Rule #6: Use Food as Your Fuel 

Just as you have to train and strengthen your body for energy, you have to feed it the fuel it needs to produce.  

Look at any top performer in any space and examine what they’re eating. 

 Lean protein, vegetables, fruits, healthy snacks, etc.  

Eating the best equals performing at your best. 

And performing at your best means massive success in your life.  

You wouldn’t put diet soda in a Ferrari.  

So make sure you’re fueling up with the best.  

Rule #7: Change Your Attitude  

Your thoughts and your words matter more than you might think.  

Take two golf players. They’re looking at where they need to put the ball.  

On the right is a pond. And on the left is a sand trap.  

The golfer who thinks about the water or sand will hit the ball into one of them. 

While the golfer who thinks about his target – knows exactly where to put the ball and will hit it right down the middle.  

Focus determines where you’ll go. So don’t be surprised if you get exactly what you’re focusing on.  

Change your thoughts and attitude…  

Change your experience. 

Rule #8: Embrace Personal Growth 

The more you learn, the more you earn.  

You have to invest in yourself. Because if you’re not… 

Why would anyone else invest in you?  

Read, take a course, study success, and fill your mind with knowledge and strategies to win.  

Just like fueling your body with good food is important… 

So is fueling your mind.  

Rule #9: Take Responsibility for All Results 

Nothing is happening to you… it’s happening because of you.  

That’s a tough pill to swallow for most people.  

But it’s a must “do” if you want to be successful. 

Because truly successful people are never victims… ever.  

Taking responsibility for your results is taking ownership of your life. 

The good, the bad, and the ugly. 

You’re never at the mercy of anything and always in control of your results. 

Rule #10: Keep Moving Forward  

Always, always, always move forward, no matter what.  

One guy gets a flat on the way to Disney Land and wastes 30 minutes complaining and ruining the day for his family.  

The other guy pops out, changes the tire, and is back on the road on the way to a great time. 

Never get stuck on your mistakes.  

Learn the lesson, move on, and move forward as quickly as you can. 

The past is over and done with.  

You’ll never reach your destination if you drive while staring in the rearview mirror the entire time……so look ahead and keep moving forward. 

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