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4 Best Advice to Young Professionals 

People ask me all the time, “Shitanshu what advice would you give your 20-year-old self?” 

My life was so messed up when I was 20. It’s unbelievable.   

My father got a paralysis attack when I was just 21 years. I was in my first year of engineering in 1998. I gave my exams when my father was in Hospital.

My father got paralysis due to stress in his Job. I had a dream to study abroad like my all engineering friends but due to the single source of income of my father, I could not afford it.  

He always worked on the expense circle and never thought to work on the income circle. 

After completing engineering, I had no choice but to accept the job.

I still remember when I started my first job in 2001, Our family expense was unlimited but the income was limited.  

I didn’t have a mentor or anybody to talk to. I didn’t have somebody that would share their experiences and guide me on what to do in life. 

I wish I could go back and make some different decisions. But I can’t. I could have reached this level and far beyond if I had a mentor in my life. It took me 20+ years to reach here. 19 years of Job and 10 years of Part-time Blogging (Money Excel).

So look, 20-year-old me. Here’s the first thing I would tell you.   

self investment -advice young

Advice to Young Professionals

#1 Change your Friends 

I know you enjoy the company of your friends who takes you to the cinema, party and play games. But change your friends. Don’t hang around with friends that are in self-destroying mode. 

 Sometimes I was hanging with people who are like my enemy. You have to get away from people who are bringing you down.    

Surround yourself with people who are seeking to be better. Start working with creative people who are doing things.    

#2 Help a Lot of People

You need to help people. Help can not only of money. Help can be sharing knowledge, supporting them in their work, sharing food, or anything affordable to you. 

So, that’s what I’m telling my 20-year-old self. Help in whatever way you can. Remember if you help someone they will help you and if not, you will have good karma at the end of your life. So I would advise you to help a lot of people. 

#3 Self-Investment & Learning Skills

20-21 Years is the age when you will be full of energy. You just need guidance and support to move ahead in your life. My advice here would be as soon as you complete your education and start a job you should start making self-investment.

Self-investment is the best investment that beats out any other investment. Self Investment means learning new skills. Spending time learning a future skill that is appropriate per your field or of your interest. 

#4 Develop Multiple Sources of Income 

My last piece of advice is this… Don’t ever rely on a single source of income.

A single source of income like a job will always give you stress. You need to work on your income circle instead of working on your expense circle.

You need to grow your income level and most importantly various ways. 

If you want me to mentor you or if you need any guidelines in finding your winning business idea to develop multiple sources of income online please join contact me.

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