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4 Powerful Success Mantras of High Achievers

Society had taught us till now that high achievers are great people and they are great from birth. We also think the same that they are born great.

Why? Because till now we have only seen them giving their world-class performance.

We have never seen them practicing the things, for which they are famous. That’s why we think legends are legends from birth.

But it is not true. The titans of their industry, standout performers and ultra achievers don’t want to share their secrets that their talent has not come from genetics.

It has come from daily following the rituals and habits because implementation is more powerful than the intention. 

Maybe your intention is to get knowledge from reading lakhs of books. but if you won’t implement that then nothing is going to happen.

You have to take action after gaining knowledge. 

Martin Luther King Jr. used to say “If you can’t fly then run if you can’t run then walk, and even can’t walk then crawl but by all means, keep moving.”  

You should take the help of mini-habits to install any habits or rituals.

You should take the help of mini-habits to install any habits or rituals because we have learned that the smallest of implementations is always worth more than the grandest of intentions.

To help you here are 4 powerful success mantras of High Achievers. 

success mantras

4 Powerful Success Mantras of High Achievers 

#1 The “Dream Team” Technique

To achieve higher goals every sportsperson keeps a coach who trains the individual or whole team. The basic idea is to get higher performance from the team.

In the same way, you should also make a dream team for your personal coach. In this dream team, you keep such people, that whenever you are in trouble or confused, then you can take their advice.

In this, it is not necessary that there should be only great people. In your Dream team, you can keep any books, authors, YouTubers, your friends, or your relatives.

This technique helps you to get continuous guidance and you can proceed on a particular path to get success.

#2 The “TBTF” technique

TBTF is the “Tight Bubble of Total Focus” Technique. You may have seen in many science fiction movies that a hero makes a bubble around himself with his superpower and nothing can enter inside that bubble.

In the same way, you also have to make an imaginary bubble around yourself so that you can work with total focus.

Super producer protects 5 primary assets by creating this bubble. These assets are –

  1. Mental focus
  2. Physical energy
  3. Personal willpower
  4. Original talent
  5. Daily time.

You make that bubble such that whatever you allow, only that can come inside like good people, positive and powerful thoughts can come inside.

But if some negative person tries to come, someone says bad things

like harsh words or criticism then it ends up outside the bubble.

So let’s know, how to make the tight bubble of total focus.

Delete the apps that interrupt you constantly. Unfriend the people who are wasting your energy. Stay away from Fake News and Chit-chat.

If you watch TV sometimes, then mute it when an advertisement comes because 90% of ads are the same.

I tell you this because extraordinary people themselves choose what they would like to hear, not what they heard.

World-class people live their life by design, not in default mode.

They carefully decide, what they will listen to or what they will see and that is the secret behind his world-class person.

You may also see those high-impact performers and genuine worldbuilders don’t give their time and attention to everyone.

Because their time and attention prices are very high.

Do you know, every legend and excellent performer spends some time of his or her day alone? That makes them unique.

High achievers always manage focus. Learning here is don’t manage your time, manage your focus.

Because everybody has time and that is the same for all but very few have laser-sharp focus.

#3 The “Traffic University”

Traffic University is another powerful success mantra. So, if it takes more than an hour to go to college or the office then you must join the traffic university.

Traffic university means the same traveling and traffic, instead of seeing billboards coming on the road, other’s advertisements, toxic news, and everyday same road and traffic use that time for learning.

Most of the time normal people sleep during traveling on public transportation or they waste their time playing or chit-chatting.

But extraordinary people use that time by reading books, listening to audiobooks or book summaries, or podcasts. In short, they leverage their time.

#4 2x3x Mindset

The fourth powerful success mantra is 2x3x Mindset. To double your income and impact, triple your investment in your mastery and professional capabilities.

Dream big, Start small, and Begin now. Because what is not happening now will never happen. Do not procrastinate. 

Start taking action and remember that you have to be persistent in taking action. Once you become persistent one thing is confirmed if you want to achieve mastery in any field.


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