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Business & Sales Target

Sometimes business is hell.

There will be days when money’s tight…

When your calendar’s empty…

When you have no client meetings.

When you’re not hitting the numbers, you need.

The question isn’t whether a business will ever get bad.

business success sales target

The question is…

How will you respond when it does? 

You’re going to feel like you can’t reach your goals.

Like you bit off more than you can chew.

And that maybe you dreamt too big and there’s no way you can succeed.

Your friends will tell you to “lower your expectations, be reasonable.”

Your family members will tell you you’re doing enough, so “be easy on yourself.”

Managers and co-workers might tell you to “re-adjust so you can hit more realistic targets…”

You know what I say to that?


Total Rubbish.

Never, ever lower your targets.

That little voice in your head that’s saying “ah — you know Shitanshu, there’s no way I can hit 2 Lakh sales this month, so how about 1 Lakh instead?”

Screw that. That’s the devil talking.

When you’ve set a target, you’ve made a promise to yourself…

“I’m going to do everything I can to hit that target.”

If you’re not willing to work hard enough to keep your promises to yourself, why should anybody trust you to keep your promises to them?

Never lower your targets.

Instead, improve your value and skills to hit them.

Because “impossible” situations are the perfect times to innovate.

Success isn’t about being comfortable. It’s about being great.

Success doesn’t come because you do what’s “easy” or “realistic”.

It comes because you do whatever it takes.

And speaking of whatever it takes…

You may get a lot of news in the media that business is going down, the industry is not performing well, a policy is going to change, and a lot more…

And business owners are scared. They don’t know what’s coming next. Worse, they have no real plan if something dramatic happens.

Yeah, we’re living through crazy times — but crazy times with massive opportunities on the horizon for tuned-in business owners to acquire substantial wealth.

So, never reduce your sales target. Instead, increase lead generation and marking efforts and you will defiantly hit the target.

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