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Difference between a Mentor and a Coach

A Mentor is someone who has been there and done that and is where you want to be in your wildest imagination. A mentor is the person is what you want to be. A Mentor is a Role Model.

  • A mentor is someone who shares their knowledge, skills, and experience, to help another to develop and grow.
  • A coach is someone who provides guidance to students on their goals and helps them reach their full potential.

Infopreneur Mentor

Mentor gets Mentee and Coach gets students.

When you ask a mentor for a piece of advice, they are always brutally honest, and straightforward, and they have been there.

They will know “No don’t do this, do that”, or “do it this way” or “No you should not waste any more time with this project, forget that do this instead.

Mentoring is personalized and not generalized..

Both mentoring and coaching are extremely effective learning techniques.

However, I believe that to be a mentor you require something very unique skills & things

👉 You should have experience with what you are mentoring….You can not be a good mentor if you have no experience with what you are mentoring.
👉 Mentors should be experts in relationship-building and interpersonal skills.
👉 Mentoring is a dedicated and long-term journey.
👉 A mentor for once is a mentor forever it should not be time-bound or money bound.
👉 Mentoring is all about helping people to get where they want to go by leveraging the experience.
👉 A mentor is Motivating, encouraging, and inspiring energy throughout all mentoring meetings.
Now, when I claim that I am India’s 1st Infoprenure Mentor here are some points for backing this claim of a mentor.
👉 I am an infopreneur. Blogging, YouTube, and many more from 2012. I have experience in making money online with multiple streams using my skills – Digital Marketing, Blogging, SEO, Social media, and a lot more.
👉 In India, many people offer coaching on digital marketing and selling courses on that. However, I am the first in India to offer mentoring on infopreneurship. I help people to become infopreneurs and make money online part-time.
👉 My mentorship classes are structured and full of practicals and demos that deliver a lot of value to my mentee.
I leverage my experience to help my mentee to select the right direction to get part-time online income.
Make sense.

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