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Four Types of People in the World – Are You One of Them?

I believe that there are four types of people in this world in your life. Let’s take a look at each one in detail.

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Four Types of People in the World – Are You One of Them?  

#1 Procrastinators 

The first kind is what I call those who wait for things to happen, they just wait. They wait for the perfect timing, they wait somehow something will fall into their lap, fall from the sky.

What they don’t understand is what you don’t do today simply doesn’t get done.

They are procrastinators, they say to themselves, “Well guess what,

  • “I’ll do it tomorrow”
  • “I will do it the next day, I’ll do it next year”
  • “I’ll do it when I have money”
  • “I’ll do it when I find the right person”

It’s all nonsense. Remember.

Procrastination = Poverty, procrastination equals poverty.

What they don’t understand is there’s never a good time. You can always find an excuse to wait, and they hope for a better future, they hope for a better life, they hope to have more success, they hope to have a better relationship, and hope is not a strategy.

#2 Perfectionist 

And then you have people who want to make everything perfect,

the perfectionist, I know who you are, comment below if that’s you.

Try to make everything perfect, and wait for the perfect moment, it’s like you wanna go from point A to point B, you wanna drive from point A to point B,

you wanna wait ’til all the lights are green, and there’s no red light, then you will go.

It’s the most ridiculous thing that you can do. Remember, progress over perfection. It’s not about getting it perfect, it’s not about getting it right,

remember you don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going.

#3 Go Getters 

The third type of people is people who make things happen, they don’t wait, they know that “If it’s gonna be, it’s up to me, “that I’m gonna make it happen.

“If I wanna eat, I gotta swim, “I gotta go get that bait”, right? “I gotta go get that food, “Otherwise I’m gonna starve to death.”

They know that they need to do something, that they know that they need to take action and do whatever it takes, and they know that they need to make some sacrifices.

#4 Viewers

And the next type of people is viewers. They just watch the thing as viewers. 

Those who are missing opportunities in their life. Have you ever had those missed opportunities? that slip through your fingers?

That you wish you had taken advantage of those opportunities? Those are the people who just, “Oh man, I wish I could’ve done that. “I wish I would’ve done that, “I wish I would’ve taken the action, “I wish I would’ve taken that risk.” 

Which one are you gonna be? Comment Below.

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