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How you can be successful? – Pay the Price Today 

This is the secret of successful people this is what I’ve committed my life to do. I told my mom when I was 21 years old.

I told her that – 

One day I’m gonna be successful.

One day I’m gonna help a lot of people.

I always say this pay the price today so you could pay any price in the future.

success pay price today

How you can be successful? – Pay the Price Today

Paying the price means paying whatever it takes for success. 

  • Time
  • Energy
  • Money
  • Relations

I still remember my buddies traveling to see the world. My friends were traveling abroad to study and I didn’t have any of those experiences.

It’s not like I was unable to take an education loan. I can take that but, I had the compulsion to stay with my father and mother.

My father had paralysis it was due to office stress. 

It was not his mistake. It was a mistake of our education system which always taught us – 

Go to School, Get Good Grades, Get Good Degree, Get a Good Job, and Live a life of Comfort with a single source of Income.

You know the single source of income is the biggest killer. Doing a job and living a life in a comfort zone is an old and bad concept.

We have almost 3 to 5 people in the family. How we can think of living on a single source of Income? A single source of income always gives pressure. You will live middle-class life if you are in a job and relying on a single source of income.

Fortunately, I realized this fact long ago and I have kept my backup of part-time income.

Like in IT Infrastructure we say that we should always keep a Backup and DR (Disaster Recovery) site. Blogging and Affiliate Marketing was my Backup and DR. I am alive only due to my backup and DR.

I have paid the price on top of my nose to reach this point.

Many people think that I got overnight success. No, it is not an overnight success. I have burned the midnight oil to get this success to become king of blogging, digital marketer, infopreneur mentor, and 10x multi-income coach.

I was and am working 15 Hours daily. I was in MNC where my duty and commutation time was 12 hours and I was blogging for 3 hours daily.

I was working for 15 years, sleeping for 7 hours. 

24 Hours = 12 Hours of Job + 3 Hours of Blogging + 7 Hours of Slepp + 2 Hours family life and other work.

That is the price I paid. What Price you are willing to pay?

 Many people nowadays said that hey you market too much you market it too aggressively. How much content do you generate daily? 

You know we have eight billion people on the planet earth. I want to reach everyone. That’s why I market too much. I want my 10x Multi Income Movement to reach everyone. So everyone thinks of multiple sources of income.  

  • I am ridiculed by my peers my customers and my relatives.
  • I’ve been judged for working too much and wanting too much.
  • I am being said that what 10x will give you. 

My simple answer to them is 10x is everything for me.

10x thoughts –> 10x Ideas –> 10x Actions –> 10x Results –> 10x Success –> 10x Income — That is Shitanshu10x. 

Many people asked me what it takes to reach the point where you are.

How I can be successful like you?

My simple answer to them is – Pay the Price Today to enjoy the success of tomorrow. 

You have to pay the price. If anybody thinks you’re gonna be

successful without paying that price you’re wrong.

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