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Law of 33% – Rule to Become Successful

Many people want to quit their 9-5 job and build a business around passion, but very few people can actually do it.


There’s a lesson I learned a long time ago that I want to share with you today.

It’s called the law of 33%.

Success Rule

Law of 33% – Rule to become Successful

Basically there are 3 groups of people that you mostly spend time with.

  • Bottom 33% – People who’re below you, maybe they have less knowledge, skills, awareness, money than you.
  • Middle 33% – People who’re at the same level as you, maybe they’re your friends, peers or colleagues. They’re making the similar income as you, having similar dreams, and similar vision
  • Top 33% – People who’re above you, they have a bigger and better consciousness than you, bigger drive, bigger hunger, more successful than you.

The goal is to allocate 33% of your time into each category.

Now it might sound like a very “simple” concept…

But that’s not how most people operate.

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Most people spend –

  • 50% of time with people below them
  • 50% of the time with people on the same level

 Notice how there’s 0% of time spending with people who’re above them and 10x better than them?

 Most people probably aren’t even aware they need to spend time with the “top 33%”.

 Maybe they think that they can just “figure things out” on their own.

Or maybe they’ve low self-esteem to even approach people who’re better than them.

That’s why they’re still where they are.

Now let’s look at what would happen if people are just spending time with the “bottom and middle 33%”.

Let’s say you’ve just come up with a “business idea” and you don’t know if it would work.

You’ve lots of questions.

What would you do?

You would most likely reach out to the “bottom and middle 33%” asking for feedback.

You’ll be asking the people who’re NOT better than you for solutions…

You’ll be asking people who’ve NOT achieved the results you desire for feedback…

Or maybe you’ll just keep thinking on your own to find the answer.

It might take you a few days, a few weeks or even a few months…

But then do you see the problem? You’re asking people who’re either below you or at the same level…

How likely are they going to give you the “right” feedback or directions?

Zero to none.

That’s why if you look at the successful people in the world, they took help from mentors who are above their level.

  • Like Bill Gates was mentored by Warren Buffet.
  • Mark Zuckerberg was mentored by Steve Jobs.

Final Words

So, to quit a 9-5 rat race of job and build a successful business around passion you need to remember three things.

  • Spend 33% of time with people above your level.
  • Seek solution & feedback from people who are above your level.
  • Take help from best mentor and coach to get quick success in life.

I hope you find this “Law of 33%” an eye-opening way of looking at this.

Hit reply and share with me, how are you planning to apply this Law of 33% in your life?

 And what’s your thought on this?

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