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Money Problem or Time Problem

Do you have a money problem? No, you have a time problem.

If you’re like most people, then you’d say ‘yes’. 

Of course, most people start off totally wrong. 

They think they’ve got a money problem. 

But that’s not the case. 

Because what they really have is a time problem. 

money problem or time problem

They’re not making the most productive use of their time. 

Think about this… 

Let’s say you work a 9 to 5 — you need some extra cash to pay the bills. 

If you’re like most people, your first thought will be: 

“I’ll just pick up a few extra hours…” 

Big mistake. 

Because now you’ve simply added more work hours to the day without increasing the value of those hours… 

…and it’s likely the extra hours will be less productive and can harm your overall performance. 

On top of that, you’ve now taken that time away from other important aspects of your life… 

All that is just to add a few extra dollars to your daily income.  

This is what happens when you’re stuck in a “trading time for money” mindset… 

This means you’re working harder…for longer…and as soon as you stop, that income disappears. 

That’s not going to give you the financial freedom you want. 

How many ultra-successful people do you know who got there by simply taking on a side hustle? 

It doesn’t work… 

It’s thinking too small… 

And look, I made this mistake for decades… 

…now that I’m 43, all I can think of is “damn, what if I knew all this when I was 20? I could have done so much more…” 

Small-think is killing your ambitions and keeping you poor. 

It’s time to wake up, man. 

Trading time for money is just one way to get paid, and it’s the least effective way to achieve massive wealth. 

Do you want to make more money than ever? 

Understand this… 

Money is not your problem. 

Time is your problem. 

Multiplying your time is the key to building any successful business whether you are aiming for  

  • 10 Lakhs
  • 1 Cr
  • Or even 10 Cr

And I can tell you how to do it in 5 steps: 

#1 Multiple Ideas – start making your ideas bigger. Tiny ideas aren’t allowed… they’re not inspiring enough.

Taking on a side gig? That’s not big enough to make you rich.

Get rid of limiting ideas, and a scarcity mindset and multiply your thinking.

#2 Monetize — You need to take those big ideas and turn them into cash flow as quickly as possible.

Your degree of wealth depends on how fast you can take your idea from your imagination to reality…

#3 Market — Money follows attention. The more people who know you, your idea, and your product… the bigger your opportunity for getting paid.

Welcome the doubters and the haters, they just give you more attention.

#4 Financial intelligence — Nobody teaches us about money these days. Even four years of college won’t tell you how to get your money right…

You need to be sure you’re not wasting money, and yes saving money is also wasting money… because money is useless until it’s used.

#5 Scale — build your business without a ceiling. Make something that can grow from 1 Lakh to 10 Lakhs… then to 1 Cr and beyond.

Never put a limit on how big you can grow.  

I used these 5 steps to achieve more than I ever dreamed possible. 

You could do the same — and I can help you to do that.

Hit reply, Spark on your mind, and share with me…

What are your thoughts on this?

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