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Sales Strategy & Lead Generation

Sales to me is like MMA (mixed martial arts)…


Ever watch an MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter in action?


They’re highly trained athletes. They spend countless hours training on stuff like boxing, grappling, striking, and submissions.


They step into the ring (or cage) and compete against another highly trained fighter.


Now suppose we put two MMA fighters into a battle… 



Both are equally skilled.


Both are equal in speed and strength.


Sounds like an even competitive battle… right?


But what if we make one of them fight with just one arm?


Suddenly it’s no longer a competition. It’s a massacre waiting to happen.


As crazy as that might sound, people do the same thing in sales every day.


They use just one way to try to make sales.


Which can work… until it doesn’t. 


And then they’re in big trouble. 


Maybe even “out of business” type of trouble.


That’s why you’ve got to mix up your strategies. 


You’re no longer just a phone person…


Or an in-person salesperson…


Or an internet person.


You need to know and use multiple strategies.


Just like a mixed martial artist does.


Except what we do… I like to call it mixed martial selling.


That’s right. 


Mixed martial selling. 


You need at least 10 to 15 lead-generation sources for sales.


I use WhatsApp… 


I use emails… 


I use different social media platforms… 


I use referrals.


I use as many different sales strategies as I can.


Because if one sales strategy suddenly stops working, then I have plenty of other ones that will still work.


So let me ask you a question…


What are your mixed martial selling skills?


If you can’t answer that question immediately, then you need to rethink what you’re currently doing.


If you’re looking to elevate your skills to a much higher level and looking for hard-core knowledge about sales, marketing, growing your business and digital marketing please get in touch with my team or visit –

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