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Success Bamboo Tree & Our Life

The Bamboo Tree and Our Life

You must have seen a bamboo tree. The Bamboo tree requires 5 years to grow.

If you plant a bamboo tree and you give it enough water, the right soil, and also enough exposure to sunlight, you will NEVER see any visible growth in the first year. The bamboo tree will only grow after 5 years of nurturing. After 5 years within a short span of six weeks this tree grows to 80 feet.

But, in the fifth year, something amazing will happen. The bamboo tree that you planted will grow to 80 feet tall in just six weeks!

Why is that so? For the first four years, nothing had happened, but in the fifth year, the bamboo tree grows to 80 feet tall in just a short six weeks.

Does this mean that within the first four years, nothing has happened to the bamboo? Nope, not at all, in fact, the bamboo tree is growing, UNDERGROUND, but you can’t see it.

So, what does the bamboo tree has to do with you or your life?

10x actions 10x results -success quotes

Here it is –

Many people have dreams and goals. For instance, you may have a dream of building a successful business, or building a great career, or living your dream life.

In the first few years, no matter what career or business you ventured into, it will be extremely difficult.

You may have poured in the necessary time and effort into your goals and projects, but nothing seems to be happening.

And this is just like the bamboo tree.

In the first couple of years, nothing seems to grow from the ground even if you nurture the tree, giving it enough water, provide it with fertile soil, and make sure it has enough sunlight.

I believe most people fail to achieve their goals because they give up and quit.

When people first set the goal, they feel excited and motivated. They are willing to take massive action.

However, after some time down the road, especially when they don’t see any progress, they started to lose faith and hope. They started to lose their interest with the goal, which eventually lead them to quitting.

But, when you feel like quitting after putting so much efforts think of bamboo tree.

As long as you are clear on your vision and mission, you will get there.

But it’s okay to pivot on your approach.

Never Quit, Never Give Up – Success & Failure are part of life.

Remember – “Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit”.

Take losing weight as an example. Most people are so motivated and fired up to want to lose the extra fat in their bodies. They bought the running shoe and also signed up for a gym class.

However, after a while, it could be a few weeks or months later, they started to lose hope for their goals and lose their steam too.

As a result, they tend to put in less effort. And as time went through, they forgot about their goals and eventually got busy with other things in their lives.

So, when you feel like quitting.

  • Don’t Quit
  • Don’t Procrastinate
  • Don’t Lose Hope

Remember one thing –

अपना टाइम आएगा मगर कब?

जब तुम कुछ कर के दिखायेगा

डरने से कुछ नहीं होगा

सोचने से कुछ नहीं होगा

लगातार काम करने से होगा

Growing a Bamboo tree takes time.

10x Actions leads to 10x Results… If not today…tomorrow for sure!


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