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Your Attitude Is Everything – 4 Success Principals

Your success is highly dependent on your attitude. Recently, I have come across the book Attitude is everything by Jeff Keller. In today’s post, I am going to share 4 success principles and learning from that book.

Before sharing actual learning let me tell you something. The author of “The Hidden Messages in Water” Masaru Emoto did one experiment.

He filled the boiled rice in three different Jars of glass and then he wrote “Love” on one Jar. On the second Jar, he wrote “Hate. and on the third Jar, he wrote: “Neutral”.

Now, on the jar where love was written, he started speaking positive words to it. Like, I love you, Thank You so much, You’re great, etc and the Jar on which “Hate” was written, he started speaking negative words to it.

Like, I hate you, You are stupid, etc. While he did nothing with the third Jar.

He did this continuously for several days. And after 30 days, the result came out like this. Jar to which positive words were spoken and positive vibes were given, their rice was in the same situation, and in the Jar to which negative words were spoken, negative energy was given, and their rice was rotten. But in the third Jar, to which nothing was done, their rice was only slightly rotten.

I don’t know if this experiment is a myth or real science. 

But it is a proven fact that energy, frequency, and attitude affect the world most. The author of “Attitude is Everything” Jeff Keller” says that the path to success passes through your attitude. 

The author shared many things in the book “Attitude is everything” but I like following 4 success principal from this book.

attitude everything

Your Attitude Is Everything – 4 Success Principals 

#1 You are a human magnet

This means what you will think, you will attract only that type of person.

If I gather 100 people in the room who don’t know each other and if we observe after an hour then people having the same attitude and same energy will stand together.

People having more energy would be talking with each other and so on.

World-famous writer and speaker ” Earl Nightingale,” said that The secret of your success is hidden in only six words and surprisingly, also your failure. That words are ” We Become What We Think About”.

If you believe that you can achieve something. then you will try, take steps, and give extra effort to achieve that and this will not happen by thinking positively, one or two times a day. You will have to make dominant thoughts by believing that genuinely and your dominant thought rules your whole day.

Because Earl Nightingale found during research that All the famous writers, philosophers, and religious leaders of the world, agrees on this thing our thought determine our actions.

If you believe in yourself and keep a mindset like nothing is impossible for you, then in reality nothing will be impossible for you.

#2 Commit and you’ll move mountains

Friends till now I have only told you the benefits of positive thinking. But nothing will happen thinking if you want to change your life then you need to take action.

Goals and success can’t be achieved without taking action.

To understand this thing the author says that His friend had started an art gallery in New York with the name American Royal Art. The dream of the author’s friend was to take this company to the topmost. So he bought artwork from Warner Bros. and Hanna Barbera at first. He knew, that if he have to achieve success then he also has to buy the art of Walt Disney.

So he tried a lot to get the license of Walt Disney. But at that time Walt Disney was very famous and they didn’t work with small companies.

But then also, the author’s friend contacted that company and requested a license. But his request was rejected all the time. But the author’s friend did not stop at all.

He contacted the company again and again, and all the time his request was rejected.

If you or I would be there at the place of the author’s friend then we would give up after this much rejection. But the author’s friend did the opposite, he started contacting Walt Disney executives again and again.

To avoid calls from his friend, the executive of Walt Disney accepted to give a license at a non-popular place. After listening to this thing author’s friend went to that place by next day and he purchased a shop there.

When Walt Disney knew this. They were impressed by him a lot and gave complete license to him.

And after someday, his American friend was one of the largest art sellers.

The author says by giving this example that Thinking positively is important as taking positive actions.

If you work hard consistently to get anything then you get that thing.

So commitment is also necessary to get success.

Many people think many things but do not take action. But If your commitment is like an author’s friend then you will also be able to achieve your goal without any difficulty.

#3 Turn Your Problems into Opportunities

When problems come into our life, then we get afraid of our problems and think to leave everything and run away.

But the author says problems are things that bring change to our life. Due to problems, we can try something new and reach our inside potential.

The author says that Disney is a famous animated company. His owner Walt Disney worked in a newspaper company as a cartoonist.

He was fired from that newspaper saying that he has lack of imagination and creativity.

After being insulted and fired from that newspaper company, Walt Disney opened his own animation company.

Which is the number one animation company in the world even today.

#4 Your Words Blaze a Trail

Some days before I was seeing an interview with Jeff Bezos. He was sharing his thought process. How he brings his new product to the market. After launching Amazon, he brings Amazon prime, amazon kindle, amazon web services, and audible.

He says, I know, I have to invest in new products every time. By thinking that it be will my next best product. He also said that he knows that out of 10 products 9 will fail and I will lose a lot of money. But the only secret of success is that we should always move ahead after failure.

And that 1 success will fulfill our 9 failures. And this is the secret of Jeff Bezos’s success.

There is a lot of power in your words. You become what you say.

So the author says, always say positive words for yourself. 

I hope you like the book summary of Attitude Is Everything. Share your thoughts in the comment section given below. 

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