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Your Success is Your Responsibility

Your Success is Your Responsibility – Most people, want to have a lot of success without having a lot of responsibilities. It’s like, I want to eat a lot but I don’t wanna get fat. It doesn’t work that way. Because the very first key, the first thing you have to understand about success is number one, you need to take personal responsibility.

  • Your Success is Your Responsibility 
  • Your Life is Your Responsibility
  • Your Situation is Your Responsibility


You are where you are is because of the choices you have made in your life.

If something is wrong with you or your life it is your fault.

  • If you not having the success that you want, it is your fault.
  • If you are not making the income that you want, it is your fault.
  • If your life is not filled with happiness, it is your fault.
  • If you are not successful. It is your fault.
  • If you are not living to your potential it is your fault. 

It is only when you take back the responsibility when you own it, it is only when you could do that that you could have and unleash the power to change and to pivot.

When you think about most people, they point fingers, right? When you point a finger, one finger points to other people, and three fingers are pointing to yourself, and that’s the most difficult thing.

So if you want more success, you don’t want more responsibilities, it’s the other way around.

You’re not gonna have more success if you don’t have a lot of responsibilities.

You look at most millionaires, multi-millionaires, and even billionaires, they are responsible for a lot of people, for a lot of things.

If you run a company, you have a group of staff, you have a team, the bigger you are, the bigger your company, and the more people you are responsible for.

The bigger your business, the more customers you are responsible for. You think about it.

So if you’re not so sure if you could handle it and me, even when I was growing and I wasn’t sure if I could handle it.

But I believe, that if you focus on your mission if you focus on your vision, you could grow into that.

Maybe you’re not the leader that you wanna be today, but you could grow into that, you could step up and you could expand.

You’re gonna make a lot of mistakes. I made a lot of mistakes and that’s okay, but you could grow into that.

You’re not gonna get that huge responsibility overnight, but it’s gonna get heavy.

Like my shoulder, it’s heavy and in life, that’s how it is.

That if you want to get the rewards, you have to take the responsibilities.

If you want to be able to achieve anything significant, you will probably take on responsibilities and endure the pain that most people cannot even fathom, they cannot even understand the stress and the pressure that you have to endure.

So, you have two choices.

Either you say, “I want to grow and I will take full responsibility and step up from the situation and I’m going to become the best leader that I could be,” or you say, ” I’m going to lower my standard and just accept mediocrity, that this is just how it’s gonna be, that I’m gonna be average.”

Only you can make that choice, I cannot make that choice for you, only you can make that choice. 

So, comment below. Are you willing to accept personal responsibility? for your own life and also, the responsibilities may be for a lot of people if you want success?

Or you say, “You know what Shitanshu, I’m okay at that, I don’t have to have a lotta success. That I’m okay just being content and I’m fine,” and that’s perfectly okay too cause that’s your decision at the end of the day.

There’s no right or wrong, there’s no right or wrong, it’s just knowing what you truly want and what are you willing to sacrifice to get that?

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